突然変異したキャラクター シリーズ 

The character who mutated series










イラストレーターとしても活動している私は、そこでイラストの他にもキャラクターを制作し提案していた。作品の展示に向けてこのシリーズを制作しながら、キャラクター制作の依頼を受け並行で制作した。キャラクターの募集で求められるそのほとんどは、人から見て印象が良いものだ。特に、可愛い、ゆるキャラ、癒やし、カッコいい、普遍的 などが求められる。採用に至らなくても人の手で日々、大量に作られている。










 What is "character"? The original series works of the character.

The etymology and origin of "character" in English seems to come from the Greek word meaning "Tool of carved seal ". That started to be the meaning of "    seal engraving" and mean "Personality" "symbol" "the character" "the nature" etc.. It is used in a wide range of meanings such as fictional world characters, corporate mascots, object characteristics,letters and numbers.

 It was the crowdsourcing begun from 2017 that I was the trigger which produces a series of this work.The character and a logo are wanted by a tournament every day.

I made the character there and proposed as an illustrator.When I made this series for a work exhibition, I made a character requested in business.The good character of the impression is always requested.Especially, cute, Yuru-chara, healing and cool, universal etc are required.Even if it is not adopted, it is made in every day with human hands.

A work of the series I made was produced as "the character which mutated".The character wasn't pretty, was unshapely and mutated in the form which isn't healed.The character I draw keeps "oneself" somehow, and exists.The character nothing notices. The character which has begun to look grave and think. The character from which something abnormal is received. And the apotheosized character.

It is human beings that create "characters", and that the human beings are also "characters".I think "individual character" is there.


What will happen to people when AI's technology evolves?
And how significant is a human creation?
Where will human beings go?
As far as a question continues, art of a series of the character continues.